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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have Kit, Will Travel

(yes another)
 art caddy.

I promise the next thing will be a needle point periodic table.

This is more for me than for Pu.
More for me so I don't have to pick up one thousand markers
and crayons
and tape
and glue
and glitter sticks (?!)
add your own.

Now they all have a home at the end of out little kitchen island
Now she can pick up her gear and go.
Theoretically she can clean up and go.

Next I should get her some spray paint, and a tag name
and she can take her art caddy to the street.
she'll be lurking in the alley's 
hiding from the fuzz
as she builds her career as a 3 year old graffiti artist.

Perhaps we should focus on loosing bed time diapers first.

They aren't very street.
(although possibly practical and versatile for a life of artist on the run)

Poor kid will get kicked out of the space program
for colouring on the windows during her mission to mars.

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