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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Elements

I get all misty around this season.

After people speed up in a frenzy of Xmas preparation,
I relish the slow down.
The true holiday time.
That sacred commitment to call or visit with loved ones
and be present to take the call
in person
in a deep way
'tis the season after all.

There is this little spot in our house
that has lived with an alphabet illustration for a few years.
Well, shorty number 2 yoinked it down in a bluster.
It's right above the recycling and in a year or so
I imagine 2 phat frames
with rotating art work from the height challenged set.

Until then, it needs a little love.

And then the original wee one needed a little love too.

Mostly the 3 1/2 year old needed extra love
because she spent a lot of time running naked around a giraffe.

I wish that that was a euphemism
 or metaphor for something profound.
But no, I mean literally running naked around a giraffe

pigtails flying.

On and on and on.

Definitely something to note.
And, well, that's just the sort of behaviour I want to get behind.

It's likely that each of us would benefit from spending a portion of our day running naked
around something
or someone.

Kids are weird.
Isn't it great?

But, I digress.

Speaking of metaphor...

I love the juxtaposition of hard and soft.
I love this faker crochet rock wearing a sweater.

I love a reminder to soften all the hard bits in life,
when we can.
The thoughts,
the deeds
the driving finger.

(...isn't that what gloves are for?
the middle finger condom for the bird when you set it aflight
 at the hummer that ran over your psychic toe?)

It's not even a frightening Xmas sweater with a nose that lights!

What can I say, I even like my minerals cozy.

Thanks to for the cheat.

May your cockles by warm and loved
whether naked, or otherwise.

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