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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Phat Gratification

I love a little large and in charge for quick and easy knitting.

It's a speedy little shrug that I did without a pattern.
(a pattern would have improved it greatly, undoubtedly)

Big needles and chunky wool.
Check out the cheese-dog face on the mannequin?!

I covered the buttons with the newest Etsuko F fabric

And this shot is the closest approximation of the actual colour
of the giant washcloth I'm going to wrap myself in.

It could be warn a variety of ways:
Figure 8 scarf (which is everywhere these days),
or as above-
struggling beauty queen sash.

Knit & Purl

Even I can handle that!

Really, this is just another excuse to wear my bed out in public.

Check out the shortest one heading out of dodge before her
twisted mother tries to drape something on her
and call it a shrug!

I'm linking to Make it and Wear It today

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