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Saturday, December 18, 2010

the Rats! Pants

I have a sweet sweet little cousin.
He is handsome, and amiable and (did I mention?) sweet natured
I am going to punish him with his Xmas gift.

(I'm deeply twisted that way.
Oh, OK,
it wasn't on purpose!)

His fine mama liked some pants I made for Pu & Nu this summer
and foolishly said she wanted some for her cutie

(tremendously evil cackle)

Not only is this gentle soul not getting Lego or something cool,
but I suspect he's getting torture pants.

See, I used a home made pattern that worked perfectly for Nu's giant cloth diapered keister.
I also used light flowy material for summer.
Really, it worked.

But for little M I used cord.
And he's a string bean, and he's far away so I can't try them on.

Well I tried them on Pu (though she's 2 years older)
but um...well how to say this discretely...
  It looked liked she had giant junk!
(and not in the trunk)

Droopy draws are one thing
 but these pants
threaten to sabotage his ability to truck.

What a naughty aunty I am!
 Pants to hold him back & besmirch his infallible reputation.
Pants that make him fall down a lot
and create a flurry of uncomfortable tension
as grown ups at the play gym
question his low slung nether-regions.

Sorry little dude.
I'll probably be the one to mistakenly drop the F-bomb in front of you too.

You've been warned.

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