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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Speedy Dress

After anguish and drama trauma trying to deduce how to sew
 (well anything)
But specifically the peasant shirt
I whipped this up

Brilliant idea really.
She sends you all the material already cut into appropriate pattern pieces
and then instructions
and, even I got through it quickly!

Super satisfying!
I bought this about a year ago thanks to my smarty crafty cousin Kendall
but a year ago the instruction gave me rickets
today I am still a terrible seamstress, 
less terrible
 but MUCH braver
i think that's good :)

Oh and it passed the spinning test

This is my favorite snap of the day

I think it says it all.


  1. Well done, it looks lovely. I've often wished someone could cut out my fabric for me.

  2. Bravo!! It looks great! I used to be useless at sewing and I know it sounds cliched but practice definately makes perfect. You are well on your way. Your smocks and that dress...fantastic!! :)

  3. soooooo true, and now i'm inspired to make another, and another!

  4. thanks Steph! little by little i get some mad sewing moves!

  5. what a cute little model you've got..