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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Party Pants and More

A prolific sewing day
Both Nu and Pu went to bed on time
AND then they stayed in bed
What could this mean??

This little one got some new pants today
Look how sad sack she is with a runny nose
And a teething rash?

They are all wrinkled from a hard day of playing.
As they should be.

I'm a little obsessed with designing clothes that can grown with the shorties. 
So these pants have a huge hem that can be let down...forever
And an elastic waist that can go go grow

Then I did some for Pu and they are just waiting to be hemmed

Then I thought I'd do a little tunic for Nu

She can't spin yet
But she can still drool on it.

And now these are just waiting...

For Talia and Owyn!


  1. You're very talented! and i love that birdy fabric, it's gorgeous. Cathy

  2. So cute...It's always hard to let go of the little clothes when they grow out of them especially hand made so you have done a great job at dealing with that problem :)