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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pantaloons Redux & My Creative Space

We're heading on a hot adventure so Nu needs some light pants
to shelter her Nu self from sun
and bugs
I KNOW I mentioned TICKS

Nu was too busy studying her Latin to model the front view

One leg rolled up and one down.
These are long to cover her little feet in the carrier.
Why do babies wear shoes???
It's not like they walk!

And then I tried my hand at some crayon roles again

These might be nice gifts for the cousins if I get enough made

Pu wanted my first attempt
First born.
Then she immediately began to systematically peel each crayon
She IS my daughter!

You'd think I could splurge on new crayons?
I guess I'll get kicked out of good mommy camp.

I dig this
Alexander Henry fabric.

What a tale it tells!

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  1. You've been busy! What an adorable face and curly head of hair (we have curls in our house too). She's the sweetest little thing! and your crayon rolls aren't too shabby either!

  2. Thanks Eve. Those curls make even Frankensewing look ok!

  3. Your daughter is the cutest thing! (so is your sewing!) I've been jumping around your blog, looking at your projects. I love the way you use fabrics that aren't specifically for babies. It makes everything so much cuter, doesn't it. I'm visiting with TTTC, and I'm your newest follower!

  4. Love the red! Super cute pants.

  5. Too fun! Love baby clothes.

    Thanks for linking to Wardrobe Wednesday,

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