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Monday, June 14, 2010

Burlap & Lace

Just like "nuts & gum, together at last"- the Simpsons

We have a deck that would be just right
if there were not power lines cutting our sky
the sun was not in our eye
(just at dinner, otherwise bring on the sun)
we had some sort of screen to support the above wishes
we tried bamboo
it died
we just didn't commit
but now

now i think it might be just right

I have been fighting the sun a little with my other flagging
I tossed up some banners with bright material
and I waited
It didn't take long before they were bleached

So this time I decided to go with lace and neutrals and see

I have been hunting coffee sacks to reuse and I stumbled upon some today
so fortuitous
one even had my daughter's name stamped on it
I took it as a sign
And took it home

Will the sun eat the burlap in one season?

I wouldn't mind it all being reclaimed by the elements
but slowly please

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