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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Random Assortment

I've become fixated on bath toys.
Out with the plastic & in with the au naturel

 this is a first try at scrap management rings

Super fast, a way to use up scrap fabric pieces


Then, I was wondering about felt and if it would work sticking on the bathtub walls
I sooooooo bought these

But they totally work!
So now I must make my own :)

Then this

has been a useful bag holder from Ikea
But it fell off, refuses to be reattached and is
So I made this from thrift placemats

It hangs happily under the sink and has a smaller footprint

Speaking of footprint
Of course it goes without saying that we shouldn't HAVE plastic bags.
But they keep sneaking into our lives.
The good news is we reuse them for our dog...
The bad news of course is that they are not biodegradable like the dog bags we buy

Also built some new Nu pants with a GIANT rise to give her some movement
in the can area

They don't look like they should fit
but when all you do all day is wiggle in various positions

the butt wiggle is key.

Last random thing
the bowl scrunchie

A terrible snap, but a great idea.
'Tis the season where doors are thrown wide
and sunbeams and fruit flies populate our kitchen
With the bowl scrunchie
We can throw some linens on top of the fruit bowl
and keep out the flies.
Lock down the produce people!

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