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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pu Pants, Ah Choo and a brave Rabbit

I can't stop publishing pictures of these crazy pants. I'm done with them now that they have a waistband, but here's an action shot

It should be said that the above bunny, who's name is Charlie needed surgery today. I stitched her/him up while Pu kept saying "Charlie want's to sit up".
In the middle of surgery??? Charlie is clearly very brave.
Needless to stay, Charlie has Frankenstitches and can now never be a rabbit Supermodel. S/he can still be a hand/paw model I guess.
 Apparently there is lots of cash to be made in the land of dishsoap commercials.

Oh yah, I made another one of these while teaching Pu about the dangers of putting fingers under the needle.
 She helped me take out pins and still has all her digits.

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