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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heads and Tails

Tonight I whipped up two projects and made a mockery of them both.
The first is this pretty cute knot ear hat from I messed it up one hundred times.

Though very serious in this shot- perhaps perfecting her Magnum, this model is not that picky.

The next attempt was this wool diaper cover from
but I gotta say....they said the bigger the sweater the bigger the cover, but...I think this may be for an adult diaper. I actually tried to put it on because it's so ridiculously HUGE. I may have to repurpose this repurposed sweater again for something more useful.

I tired it on Pu and the waist was huge. I will modify. What was an attempt at an applique flower with three buds, turned into a disfigured google eyed beast on the junk in the trunk. It was cuter when it was on then I expected, but the waist needs a waistband.

Below is the altered version with waistband and having murdered the third eye

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