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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Things & Why Fly & Nest

Who knew how important the little things would become?
At a time when my world is all about orbiting 2 excellent little people, there are lots of big things on hold.

Today I'm not going to Italy,
starting a business
 or splicing a gene...
(maybe that last one is a bit over enthusiastic with my arts background...)
But, since I've fallen so in love with these little people
 the little things become the grand, and vice-versa.

So, flying and nesting.

These are my two greatest wishes for my children and really, for all the people I love.
May they always be surrounded by people and places that support them in their ability to take flight.

 And may we all have a gentle and safe place to come home to when it's time to nest, be still, contemplate and reflect
 until we're off for our next great adventure.

A friend, mockingly, suggested I begin 'bedazzling' her wardrobe.
I think if there was a little felt bird 'bedazzler' I just might.
This one landed on an old ratty t-shirt for Pu

More flags, this time cloth

And our garden waiting expectantly for good things to blossom

they always do

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