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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

3 little birds outside my window

Guess who made it under the tree this year?

We kept it small
and simple.

I tried for some handmade

bits and bites
that might worm their way into
the hearts of little girls.

3 little girls, requires 3 little girls.


They have been named E-O, Molasses and Lilac.

The pattern came from Retro Mama
and I hope they stick around.

I am kind of smitten.

And these dolls with mishapen heads
fit right into our family of mishapen heads.
Now I know
why handmade dolls cost so much.
Phew,  these little details take some time. 
So worth it in my mind.
Wishing you all the things that feel worth it.
Happy New Year.

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