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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Inappropriate Elf Contest

As some of you may know,
there is an old tradition that has found a renaissance lately in craftland.
It's the elf on the shelf.
For those of you who don't know...
There is a story by Carol Abersold & Chanda Bell
about an elf who watches children's every move
in the month leading up to X-mas.
The idea is he/she, using magic,
 flies to the North Pole and reports to Santa
 on the children's good/bad
behaviors each night while the kids are sleeping.
Then in the morning he/she is back at your house, in a new spot.
A frolicking game of find the elf ensues.
For many of us...that's super creepy!!
A weird little dude lurking around all day
and creeping around all night.
Psychic Policing.
BUT, in the spirit of embracing weird
holiday traditions
 as we create our own family.
this year we're in.
For our own piece of mind, and thanks to
Babyrabies I am also entering
The Inappropriate Elf Contest.
Now, for the kids,
this elf will be the picture of
wholesome joy and cheer.
But tuck those shorties into bed
and our elf is gettin' busy.
We parents need a little diversion
in this hectic month.
Now, I realize my entry is chaste,
compared to some.
I don't plan on winning, just playing along.
I'm keeping it PG here people.
I think it's best to be a little naughty with your nice.

Our Inappropriate Elf

While early morning
visions of sugar-plums danced in his head,
our Elf got a happy feeling.
It's only natural little Elf,
it happens to all little boys
 both naughty & nice!

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