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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fresh Blossoms

I'm feeling very grateful and blessed these days.
Tired, smelly, grumpy and crusty on the surface.
But underneath all my fingers and toes are crossed
hoping that the good will remain
 and the hard edges will soften.
In a season of giving
and for too many grieving
I am thankful.
Especially for the Little's,
Who wanted flower pillows.

The biggest one is 'just so' with so many things.
Making her bed is an event worthy of an orchestral conductor

After all the sheets are JUST SO
and the stuffies are enumerated and tucked in
the pjs are where they want to be...
(multiply by 100)
I thought it should end off with a flourish.
The flower pillow,
like the cherry on top.
I give the middle one 5 days before
she plucks the blossoms off
and leaves the pillow like a shame
faced bald chicken.

Merry Ho Ho to all of you celebrating
this week.
May the New Year bring on the peace.



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