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Sunday, December 2, 2012

If you ding my dong, there will be consequences.

For a while now we've had a post-it note
over our doorbell.
It pleads with the oncoming postie/ sales rep/
bottle driver/ prospector to knock rather than ring.
Our doorbell is very insistent.
It really doesn't want to be missed,
even during nap time.
This replaces the post-it.
I really should have stitched something more along the lines...
"Wake the baby,
and I will sic her on you."
 "Ring that bell, wake my baby
 and rabid zombie baby
will come for you.
Then so will her mother."
The bonus is our doorbell is illuminated
 and at night it shines through the linen
to light up the plea.
"Ring this bell and I will make you nurse the baby
 you just woke.
Twice, if you're a dude."
And then these little things
Lace, buttons, canisters and Echino fabric.

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