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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

White on White on White. Please.

Our house is about to explode.

One breath mint would be enough
to break the surface tension.

"A wafer thin mint"
(thank you Monty Python)

We are just moments away from a big purge.
The shortest shortie is almost done with
the weird but useful baby related things.

The ring of neglect.
The food encrusted high chair.

In the meantime before the walls close in
around me I decided to attack our kitchen table and paint it white.

Although it doesn't actually change our physical space,
it makes all the difference to my internal space.

I look at it,
live family around it
clean it,
sit beside it,
and feel openness and calm.

I don't have much of a before picture,
except this one that tells you that 
it was wood
and then I stained it years ago using an enviro stain,
that totally didn't work
and left it looking like this:

Now it looks like this:

Then I painted the chairs.

Immediately after I finished the table with the
3 coats of paint (and the 7 hours between each coat)
then the multi layered sealant and all the drying time between.
we finally moved the outdoor picnic table back outside
and dined in house...
Nu stuck a giant band aid on it and up came all the paint.
So much for kid proof!
Back to the drawing board.

At least the drawing board is now a blank slate.

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