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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rainbow Rain Required

 This is what my brain feels like.
Spidery, cluttery, tied up.
A mix of metal and soft wool.
That's both good and bad.
It also rains A LOT here.
That too is both good and bad.
With the hope of delivering some whimsy to the 'hood...
Our weather report required: rainbow rain.
I would have rather built a light fluffy cloud
full of lightness and possibility.
since it lives outside it had to function
so the rain could run right through it and 
not send it crashing to the earth smothering house cats and frightening dogs. 
Let's hope I bemuse the
passing school children...

rather than freak out the neighbours 

Note one of my side kicks directing from inside
as I hang it from one of our wee tree's.
So little,
so loud,
so lovely.

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