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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flower Power

For Xmas my lovely friend gifted me
this beautiful necklace.
Apparently the person who made it
hand dyed the lace that she brought from Japan.

It was tres cher
and I never would have bought it for myself.
(Thus the perfect gift!)
I couldn't find the artist's name alas
or I would credit her here.
It's so lovely in fact,
sooo lovely,
that I tried my hand at making my own version.

The original version is more fantastic
 in lots of subtle ways

But, after much trial and error I figured out
how to duplicate the stamen.

My lace is from down the street and it came this colour.

But I LOVE it too!

Much like the dolls I finished sweating over,
after spending the time to hand tie the knots...

Sew the lace to the bead caps, filaments to the beads
and build the delicate pieces together

the price that I thought was initially so outrageous

seems totally justified.
These handmade details take time people!
Now go frequent your local artisans!
And thanks to the mystery woman who brought
this beautiful piece of artistry into my world.
And the smarty pants who gifted it to me!

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