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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sewing Flops Abound!

I was inspired by this dress over the holidays from No Big Dill
(Katy's stuff is so lovely)

I thought to myself,
I could try a circle skirt.
All the cool kids say it's easy.

So I followed this tutorial from MADE.
And, clearly I can't do math.
Even when someone else does the math.

MY version of the circle skirt looked like I was hiding a bus underneath it.

Even though the white version was so excellent on her,

When I wear white, people stop me and try and
defibrillate me.

That's not very festive.

And so I scrapped it.

Then I made this little doodle.

And then...I slit the zipper with a seam ripper.


I tried to use some 'stitch witchery'
but it just made my bitchery,

so I guess I have to replace the zipper.
On Organza.

Oh craptastic!!!!
Magic incantations or hot tips welcome.

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