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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ahoy Mates.

Sorry for the radio silence
faithful readers.

I've been single parenting for the past weekish
and the only stitching I've been game for
is stitching back my dignity and spirit with a giant piece of pie
and a serial killer TV show.

I like my sweetie.
I like him especially at the 2 year old's bedtime :)

And now for further crafty news.

Santa came and left me with a...

Thank you Santa!

I hope Santa will also contribute to the therapy
fund required to support learning to use one of these bad boys.

Rather than swearing loudly
 while making countless mistakes
on strips of garbage fabric,
I decided to swear loudly while edging flowers.

On sparkly linen.

Threading and changing thread on this machine,
is just as terrifying and daunting as reported.

Total madness without the video.

And even with...
did I mention the swearing?!?

Then I got bold.

And changed things.
Magical buttony, needly, thready things.

And I tried a rolled hem.

(centre petals).

Super cute,
but it does involve extra swearing and watching instructional videos
and over,
did I mention over?

In other anal retentive bulletins:
to make way for my new frenemy El Serge (r)
I found a new and better home for my ribbon stash.

Tucked away.

Off to eat pie and watch Dexter.

(Wait, The Sweetie is back, what's my excuse now?)


  1. Lucky, yet slightly worrisome on the swearing part. I want one but can't afford the swearing!
    I know you will make beautiful thing with it, love the flowers!

  2. I blooming in January.