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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh Baby, What Do You See?

We have a screamer.
And not in a sexy way.

When Yu is being held, she is the most adorable,

When she's not...
Mad Cow.

Especially in the C-A-R.
(I spell it for safety's sake)

Your safety, mine...the safety of the universe.

I know in my intellectual brain,
(what little is left and has not been eaten by child zombies)
that while my baby is doing everything in her little baby way to convince me she is be flayed alive, garroted and prison shived simultaneosly,
she is in fact communicating her profound distaste with her car seat and the car.

Long ago I bought this travel matt from a company called Raisin' Baby.
Now all but one piece is missing.
Probably in the dogs intestines.

So I made some new patches.

It's a little hanger that you can put on the back of the seat that
 your back-facing-child-hostage stares at.

I made some different little squares to swap in and out.
So just before my baby has plotted her own end between loud
loud screams,
she instead thinks in her baby brain
"Oooh owl.
Reason to live!!"

Or maybe: "pretty flower will scream less, suck fist and think of meadows instead of killing mommy"

One can only dream the big dreams.

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