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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Don't Leave a New Mother Unattended With a Bag of Wool...

Poor Yu.

Only a few days on this planet,
and already she's being forced into...
hat modelling.

When she was born The Sweetie was in charge of
her first bath.
The nurse impressed upon him the need
for little newborns to wear hats during bath time
and ALL the time,
so they stay toasty.

The Sweetie really took this to heart.
In the first few days of Yu's life
The Sweetie could be found searching for hats
under covers, under beds...

"Where's her hat? She might get cold!!!"
 he would proclaim.

And so,
held hostage by recovery I took up the hook.

I think she's dismayed.
What is this ridiculous thing upon my noggin?!
(it's all in the eyes)

And then there was a little top knot action.

And of course the double knot
(can't get enough of ears on babies)

I'd like to say that's all the hats,
but really this is a hostage situation.
I can't be expected to act rationally.

Pu got a knitted kitty hat with ears,
and Nu is getting a matching crocheted beanie.

Oh my.

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