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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Silly Tiny

I have never made something so wee before.
The tiniest of stitches.
The smallest of  booties.
The silliest of projects.

I had to make 3 instead of the traditional pair.
A reasonable question.

Instead of attempting my first teeny tiny project in English,

I chose Norwegian.

I don't speak any Norwegian.

And so as you can imagine,
it didn't go that well.

The pattern was almost translated into English.
With 'almost' being the key.

My first attempt achieved a club footed monstrosity.

I was very brave and ripped it out.
Such strength of character!

These actually stay on little kicking feet.
Unlike any sock I have yet to meet.

I definitely caught arthritis from my fist clenched knitting.

Totally communicable from little tiny knitting needles.

Be warned.