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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Little Travel Craftiness

I'm about to hit the trails and was mourning the future loss of my sewing machine.
So, I decided I needed something portable to keep me busy
and quiet the mind

So, I thought I'd try a little of this

Not having the first clue I thought I'd purchase a little of this

Only after trying to decode the secret language of crochet I had seven small aneurysms and then yelled over the fence for my crocheting neighbour to defibrillate my consciousness

She then tells me after staring into the Latin that was my instruction manual
that she just makes it up
So I started winging it and got this

This is weirdly addictive.
I don't know what has possessed me, doilies and now crocheting with Tweedlebug tiny mini thread

This could be a cry for help.
No wait,
if this IS the beginning of a miniature downward spiral
I guess I would spell out the word 'help'
in microscopic Barbie eyelashes

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