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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back Alley Dealings

The most lurid dark and dirty back alley deal I have ever been involved in
was for upholstery.

It was the hallcyon days before craig's list and from somewhere I had gotten a hot tip about an inexpensive
Upholstery Dude
I had gotten a trashed second hand desk chair and was determined to save money and rebirth said chair.
I picked out what I thought was black and grey velvetish fabric
timeless, classic, goes with everything, low maintenance, phew.

( I AM still talking about upholstery not the perfect relationship)

and now I knew of Upholstery Dude
I was set.
I called U.D. and we arranged to meet.
U.D. was super sketchy on the phone, ranting, a definitively weird dude.
 I decided for the low buck I would happily hang with what upholstery glue fumes had left of U.D.
& bring him my chair.
He really did have me pull into the alley
(behind his studio...he said)
When S and I arrived it was clear that U.D. was not all I had expected

I had expected more teeth
and more studio

U.D. had a buddy with him and it quickly became clear despite their assurances that there was no studio.
They were going to carry my chair into the night somewhere.
U.D. also turned over my beautiful black and grey fabric and informed me that I was in love with the back of the upholstery, and no, he couldn't put it in upside down and backwards.
What he found on the 'right' side was a weird red and blue combo, not up my ...alley
 When S and I drove away from U.D. and his side kick, I was confidant we would never see our chair or some of our money ever again

I was wrong.

U.D. did this

A fine job, but over the years I have not loved this chair.
I have not loved it lots and long time but I couldn't bring myself to pay the bucks or hall the beast back out into the upholstery world.

So, last night I started my own attempt.

The underbelly won't win a beauty contest and I'm somewhat flummoxed about how to handle the back

nonetheless I think U.D. would be proud.

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  1. great post! I love the tooth bit - we had a neighbour who had less teeth than his lot and it always made my day to get a good smile!