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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Agent Secret Moolah

Are you all quaking with heartfelt concern because it looks like I've broken my wrist?

It's okay. It's a giant (oversized will definately shrink it next time) wrist cuff.

WHY? (you ask, and well you might)

Because out there in the wild and rough and tumble streets of mommytown, sometimes you forget your cash,
 but your body, cruel task master that she is
  never forgets the necessity of a coffee beverage.

So this way you've got your "I forgot my wallet" secret stash on when you race out the door

You could even buy other things
like sexy underwear, i mean theoretically... 
or in those moments when the 3 year old yells NOOOOOOOOOO really loudly in your ear...

your freedom

then the moment passes and you remember
hey 3 year old...


  1. what a terrific idea!

    lol at Macgyvers lovechild too!

  2. thanks Mandy! Wish it was my idea, but I bought one years ago and wore it to death. Wish I could credit the genius who made it but couldn't find a tag!