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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Organized Disaster

Today my creative act was to continue to organize my studio as it morphs from a painting space into a sewing one.
Who knew that sewing required so much gluttonous finding and hording of fabric? Thank the stars that the mighty Tick watches over my wares and keeps all the thread safe. That's about what he can handle.

Then my fun friend came by and gifted me with two super cute fabrics, that I can't wait to use. Alas...
I continued my quest to rehaul our napkin supply in various black and white motifs...

And then true sorrow. I broke my machine. I've never done this before, but it's very angry. The reverse button won't. The thread length won't change and the stiches are drunk. My machine is computerized so I'm worried the repairs will be more than the machine. 
Duh duh duh.
No more sewing for a while I guess. BOO!! I will regale you with tales of go or woe as they develop.

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