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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bagged a zipper

I did it. I installed my first zipper, my first without a teacher holding my hand.
 And, I did a terrible job. I had two, not one, but two sets of instructions to work from. Then I added a third when none of them made sense. Then I threw them in the air and did it intuitively. It's done, but it's not pretty. So, I made a lined bag. A first attempt. Next one will be prettier and hopefully better made. Nonetheless, a first step.
Then I made another marker roll which, I also messed up again. I guess practice...I'm trying to sort out a pattern so it can be a crayon roll, pip-squeak or full-on marker roll and grow with the kid. It still holds paper and stickers, because who grows out of that? On this one I added a custom label.

I like the wonky messy stitching and fraying material, but my guess is a kid won't. Or, maybe they won't care at all.

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