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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yipee!! False alarm.
Ever have that thing where your computer crashes and you do all the right things to remedy the situation?
You turn it off, reboot and still all is lost.
Then, in total surrender you walk away defeated and broken, only to find the next morning that everything is working fine?
My sewing machine is half computer and clearly it also demonstrates this bizarre behaviour.
This morning everything was fine. And so...
I made a bean bag cube chair. I've been trying to use up my quilting squares without quilting. This is super cozy and fun to kick around. I'm sure it will explore in a flurry when Pu and Nu are 6 and 8, but for now it's wicked.

Earl likes it.
I guess technically Earl is a rooster, not a hen. He's definately cock of the play room walk.

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