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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bowl Head

Ahhaa! Mildly triumphant. Finished my "bowl" which in fact is the perfect fit for a most excellent hat. So the felt it into a bowl or march around with a bowl on my head...only you fair reader would be the wiser.
Also finished another change pad for the Yacker it's reversable but that begs the questions, once there was yack on something, why would you want to reverse it? Also liberated some of my favorite socks and turned them into arm warmers. Then, finished another crayon roll. Prettier, but the design still needs work.
This is really the crowing jewel this week. Spring is here. And, our garden is perking up. I can't claim this snowdrop as my personal act of creativity for today, but I did plant it long ago and it stands as a quiet reminder of past seeds sewn.

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