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Monday, February 8, 2010

Flags & Frankenfeet

Today I made some colouful flags for Pu and Nu's playroom. I made a mini version for the dollhouse too. Fun. Weird. Easy.

However, most of my crafting time today was spent trying to reproduce chicken feet. Umm, yes, chicken feet. My next project is to build a bean bag companion to "Chicken" a kid sized bean bag Hen that Pu has. Nu may need a seat all her own one day, so I figured the bird bags should begin to build their unholy alliance sooner rather than later. The feet were way harder than expected and I finally gave up and decided to create a backstory why this new addition will have such bizarre feet rather than work on them anymore.
Can't say the crystal ball foretold me sweating it out over chicken feet.
You're looking at feet, wings and whatever that thing is called that sits on their head.  

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