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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Sentimental Sparkle Skirt

Lately if I get any sewing done
it has to be quick and dirty.

No measure twice, cut once over in these parts.

We've had an event over here that needed a sparkle skirt.

Here in bedlum big things have been happening.

Monuments have been built.
(mostly out of playdough)
Bench marks have been notched.
(the Dog took the blame)

And Pu has lost her first tooth.

I'm feeling very sentimental about the whole thing really.

I feel like being a parent is all about movement and change.
The velocity of it all makes me spin.

Mostly in sparkly skirts.

Already I'm aware how fast the blur is going.
And some days I need a reminder of the sparkle in the moment
soon that moment is gone and another one
is racing towards us.

I know life will be full of moments of love, action, achievement
and challenge. 
Chaos and rapture.
Divinity and Disco.

At least I hope so.

This marker.
This first lost tooth.

 It's the first definitive sign of growing up.

There will be more.

Some fancier. Some involving diploma's or parties.
But this one little baby tooth.

It has chomped a giant bite out of my heart.

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