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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby Acid Trip

We have this awesome IKEA toy.

It hangs over the baby and she/he can stare up at toys
and eventually begin to reach for them.

Considering there is a ring, they might even be
able to swing themselves up and work on a dismount with a flourish.

I guess it all depends on how long they lie there.

Well, my kid quickly got tired of staring at the same old shapes...

...and patterns.

So I made some new ones.

Little Yu is most excellent.
Meanwhile, she doesn't like to be anywhere,
except on my shoulder.

This makes showering tricky.

However, she likes these ever changing visuals.

I can swap them up when she gets bored.

These ones are multi-layered and reversible.

They swing, they dangle and they allow
 me a few more minutes of shower.

Oh sweet hot water how my love endures.

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