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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I've been on a little sewing tear...

I can't stop making stuff.

Last night it was skirts.
Poppies for the tallest of the shorties.

So simple, so festive.

For me it was tattered flowers

on good old canvas.

I've decided my mom uniform is all
about the skirt these days.

Pockets to be added later.

This is the other part of my uniform.
Crazy arm warmers?
Shawl/ Cowl/ Funky nursing hideout?

Bathroom photography
complete with empty toilet roll?
Ah check check.

Then there is skirt-tastic.

This is my favorite so far
but I haven't tried it on the girly whirl yet,
so I will leave you with some mystery photos.

Is it an Xmas gift or just a skirt?

In the spirit of keeping it simple
I'm not into a huge pile of
presents under the tree for the little ones.

So maybe, this will just be a Dec skirt.
In which case, photos to follow.

Happy Ho Ho

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