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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Play Tent

The land of felt continues to grow...

This is intended to tie on to our little Ikea igloo

'Cause the Inuit people deserve apple trees and fresh carrots too
Even if it's chilly.

I decided to try and use up some scraps
 so it's just on this side of ugly...
but the apples are attached with velcro for picking
and the carrots come out of their pockets for harvest time

Earl, the chicken, showed up for no particular reason.
Sometimes life is just like that,
the gate crashers can be the most fun.

And the best part...

is the wee pocket that holds visitors in the tree.

Here in Nu Pu-town we don't discriminate,
anyone is welcome

Whether pigs do or do not fly
it doesn't matter,
they can definitely climb trees.

Besides the felt scrap-vista Pu also 'needed' a treasure pouch
she can wear it around her neck
for the girl on the go.

Instantly stuffed with 'treasures' I was able to use some off cuts from my baskets

Special cards clutched in hand,
tea plate and play dough ball
squirreled away

I love how weird kids are.

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