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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Genius of the Repurpose

It's no great secret that the well re purposed outfit is cool for the environment.
Less consumerism
less waste
very good.
What I also love is that an innocent piece of frockery, shirtery or such
gets a double life.
I think of it as though an item of clothing
gets to bring with it the tales of yesterday as it gets snipped into the getup of today.
Perhaps even one that tells a tale,
or holds a secret history.

And so this tale begins.
My sweet sweetie has a sweet sister who gives him sweet shirts
Wild shirts.
Weird shirts.
Some wonderful shirts.

These were the kind of shirt that only a sister would give her little brother.
Let me just say
These shirts would NOT help him with the ladies.

One of the finest in the collection

Not only does this shirt have planets on it

Not only does this shirt have planets and galaxies and stars on it

But this freakin' amazingly horrendously beautiful weirdo space shirt...
Top right of the above shot
that star is a ...dazzle
Oh the 80's!
 How I quake worshipfully in your powerful fashion crimes!!!

A shirt like this should not die
Even if it should be gently mocked
And so,

An innocent little black skirt.
Few know what lies beneath.

Or so I thought.

Funny thing is I sewed this baby up in my poorly lit studio.

It's black right? It won't show through.
Needless to say now when I walk out the door
if someone says "is that your butt or Uranus?"

(insert your favorite butt and planet joke here)

they will be totally justified.

Some of the more emphatic rings and planets DO show through.

Just what every girl wants on her butt.

Does it go without saying that 
 I removed the bedazzle only because it was TOTALLY a bulls eye
where no one wants one?!

Well I've said it, just in case.

I also made a little top out of brand new material.
Just in case.

And now off to a linky party
at  Get Your Craft On

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