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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Things haven't been that craftastic over here lately on the grown up front.

But, the shorties have been fantasticrafting it up.

Today we made our first step into the land of plasticine
A pox on play dough I say!!!
The colours!
The smell!
The texture!!
It says non toxic, and also that it will basically last forever...
The only thing that I know of that is both of those is of course...


elementary my dear reader
Plasticine must be made from cockroaches!

Must google ancient life form called plasticine.

And now with no segue from cockroaches to bread...

Sewed up a quick little bread bag from a tea towel

So yummy home made bread can have a safe place to sleep at night

As if warm bread will make it through the night!

I hatchet you bread!
I stab you!
I bite you!

(Wow I may have just channeled anger and eating issues...)

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