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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flood pants & lost bracelet

I tried a new pattern but decided to change it up a bit.
By that I mean cut corners to crank it out fast.
Consequently, I forgot some key sizing decisions
And if there is a flood coming

We are ready.

I'll just add a red cuff when the time comes

you know, post flood

Until then, perfect for the dog beach and kicking off the shoes

Pu's been a little worried about things lately.
Mostly coyote's, vikings and
getting lost.
In a light bulb, tree, cloud, bowl of soup etc.

So quick and dirty

this is her getting lost bracelet

Inside are our phone numbers.
Just in case she can't get herself out of the soup.

I wonder if the Kiwi's are awake yet for Creative Space?
I'm also going to Get My Craft On


  1. That is just the bestest craftiest creation this week! I like that it is a little bit superhero, like the capes at my place...

    Also love the pants - can I have some in my size pulease!

  2. Cute post. Love the bracelet! Those pants would have come in handy round these parts last weekend, with all the rain & floods we had. Wonder if they are awake in New Zealand yet...x

  3. These pants are adorable and the getting lost braclet is genius!

  4. Hi :)

    I love your lost's a really great and very cute idea.


  5. Hi :)

    I love your lost bracelet. It's a very clever and super cute idea!!