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Friday, August 6, 2010

Snack Bags & Booty

My latest renewed obsession
Is feeding my kids in reusable containers
I know, I know,
late to the party.
I went through it with kid Uno
(I am one with stainless steel)

And now with kid two
I'm at it again

But, I can't escape the plastic wrap and sandwich bags.

So for the plastic wrap I'm trying what seems to be an awesome product
the only draw back is I can't see through it

Go figure, I'm kinda a visual person.

Things grow if I can't see them.
By things I mean green, hairy, smelly things with five eyes and mangy personalities

For the sandwich and snack bags I made these

Old school, '70's style, no Velcro, no suspect coating.
Fold them small for wee snacks.
Wash em,
toss in aforementioned snacks
wash em.

Feel better about footprint.
I'm giving it a whirl.

And now to end the week
a purple end

Recycled t-shirt ruffle bootie.
From her dad's old 'back in the day' shirt.
I left the edges rough and I expect it will ruffle more in the wash
and turn into shabby ruffle butt.

As an adult, not something I aspire to

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