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Sunday, August 8, 2010

More Banners

I'm one of those people
who hates being bossed around.

Not really a radical statement.

I think people who really like to be bossed around
visit professionals who wear uncomfortable shoes.

But me,
I mean, even the hint of bossy
makes me crusty
and bossy.

I'm a little worried about my new banner

On a bad day I'd be all
"Don't tell me how to feel!"
Probably those are the days when I should practice
 the calm part more.

But that's me
not necessarily my neighbourhood.

I've seen this a few places and it just seemed so

I visited a friend who had three kids spinning around her
at full volume
and she said this sentiment gave her solace

Still, I'm now hollering out into our street
not the sneaky alley
but the full blown street.
Loud mouth!
Always me with the two cents!

My other kids-playing sign got stolen, so on the flip side

The best part about this piece
was my sweetie climbing the tree in the dark
headlamp on, hammering the hockey stick
and wincing at the thought of waking babies and rabid raccoons
very romantic.
He didn't even hesitate when I asked for help.

Lucky me,  I still have a big crush on him

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