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Friday, August 20, 2010

My Lumps Strapless Top

The immortal quest for a strapless bra
that actually holds the ladies is place
without a lot of fanfare
or hoopla
has staggered me.

I do not believe it exists.

In lieu I have a strapless dress that fits.
 In fact two that were made by the same person years ago
they ROCK
they are strapless and oh soooo comfy
Also- cute
Fantasticness you say?

Well no.
They are just not the wear everyday, everywhere
with two small children kind of dresses

At least not for me
Someone foxier might swing it,
but I'm all about kid around my neck these days
and I wouldn't want to de-bone Nu or Pu
with the actual boning in my frock

So I thought
copy it
build it and they will...
well stay in place I guess.

But no!!!

I think I actually had a panic attack trying to get out of this today.

I made it without a pattern
I SORT of copied the awesome dresses
and then I tried harder to REALLY copy them.
I added boning in the right places
I vaguely measured
I added mystery darts in places where it might help

Alas the bumps were not happy
Cute enough
but not comfy enough
I can not crack the hump code

Girls and our curves
good and evil all wrapped up in one

"Lumps, humps, bumps
why won't you stand up, sit down and stay where I toss you?!"

(imagine fist waving at sky)

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