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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Bits

I am loving using every little thing these days.
I've been cutting up t-shirts and building skirts
and more skirts
soon there will be shirts.

This kerchief was a little bit left
amazingly it fits Nu's giant cranium!
and tames her mop top.

Then a little dog house repair

If only I would repair it
But for now, a little banner coverage

It used to be tiled but no matter what glue I use
the tiles keep falling off

Hot glue,
When the glue fails
let the stitches prevail!

 This is a roof top garden dog house
but it doesn't get enough love to rock.

It's badly placed to sustain many happy plants
And the cat likes it more than the dog.

I love the idea
 and until we have a garden on our grown up roof
it stays.
Our imaginary roof is pretty crowded with the solar panels
and the goat
and the hot tub
and the gazebo
and my sweetie wants a turret...


  1. SOOOOOOO cool and creative! I love the dog house banner AND roof top garden! What a genius idea! (I mean, I've heard of roof top gardens -- but never a little one on a DOG house!)

  2. Awww shucks thanks. Not my genius idea alas!