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Sunday, October 14, 2012

KCWC: Day 7, the Final Day

Well that was exhausting!
Another pair of pants for Nu.

And then I cut a shirt for Pu,
it became clear that since it was jersey
 it was MASSIVE.
So for a brief second I thought it was for me...
Alas, boobs.
The shirt won't lie

A little more elastic
and then it's into rotation for the shorties.
It's mildly sorrowful, because I only had the tiniest
part of the bottom beautiful Japanese fabric.
It was one miiiiiiiiillion dollars
(and, I'm just cheap on a Wednesday)
Sewing, shooting photos, blogging,
uploading to Pinterest and Flicker,
and learning these platforms simultaneously.
I'm sleepy now.
But, that was fun.

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