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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rainbow Rage Razzle Dazzle

Though today she sports the black shirt again,
she swears her favorite colour is pink now.

How can a mother keep up?

Rainbow, man.

Only on the day of the rainbow dress,

Pu was NOT in a rainbow mood.

Such technicolour emotion in this little person.

In this photo she is mustering all the glee she can.

She also looks like
life is her personal passing kidney stone.

This says it all really.

A pox on rainbows,
bring back the black!!

(It should be noted that much like Pu,
the black has sequins
and glitters despite itself)


  1. Aren't fashion models often kind of sultry? She has a future.

  2. oooh good point! Although I wouldn't wish a super model life on anyone!!!