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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The hot hot horrors

Pu has decided her favorite colour is black
(though by the time you read this it has changed again :)

And she is in a stage of wearing black
long sleeve shirts with black pants or leggings.

It's summer.

She's also consequently in a whining
 and grumping I'm too hot stage.


So I tried to find the middle
by making her a sundress with black stripes.
See the torture??

We then tried to wear it as a shirt.
Oh the horrors!!

Snip snip.
The mini, happy version.

 Pu has already reached her teenage years
(at age 5).

Thank goodness we kept making humans.

 who are willing to wear my weird clothing.

Speaking of weird clothing...

Rest assured, I won't be wearing this tank top,
with this headscarf,
while caring this baby...

But that's some fine striped material.

This is me post shower, no make up,
no sleep

Someone take a nap on the bags under my eyes.