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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My creative space

I've finally found some tops for my felt balls.

The oak trees have been surprisingly withholding.

I wasn't making finding acorn tops my life's work,
but I did think I would come upon them more readily.

Perhaps the tweedlebugs (of Sesame St. lore) have just been accessorizing
with acorn top hats of late?

I'm ruminating on branding this week.

New business cards
(tee 'business' hee)

I'm stamping and trying to track down inks and dyes that work on fibers

For tags and what-nots

I'm also trying to improve my photography
in the five seconds between toddler bellows.

Still quick, but perhaps less dirty.

Off to see some more Creative Spaces

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  1. love your felting and your stamping - looks like you've been having lots of fun!!!