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Friday, April 3, 2015

Swaddle Devil Children In Rainbows! Or, More on the Little Things.

Hi Folks!
There hasn't been much making over here in
Things are swirly, busy
full of lunch making and chaotic creativity
of the shorty size.
in a total cheat and with a determined plan
to take pleasure in the tiny things during those times
when the medium things are absolutely unattainable.
I present:
Rainbow towels!!!
Wha?? You say?
Did I make these?
Did I hang them on those hooks?
I did!!
Do they make me smile
during the nightly exorcist that is bath time?
Oh yah baby!!
In our house 2/3 of the Shorties have eczema.
And while I have tried everything to abate the itch
(besides Voodoo and country music)
the thing that makes the biggest difference is
 a quick bath every night.
And then basically icing them with moisturizer 4" thick.
However, 50% of the time it's totally madness!
So, now just before my head spins around completely,
I see a rainbow of towels
about to gobble up little slippery pre bed devil children
(who are my favourite!)
and I am reminded that it's almost wine-o-clock
and things are about to get brighter.
Bedtime is almost upon us :)