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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cloudy with a Chance of Spinning.

I've  been dreaming of this dress for awhile

Sort of.

I fell madly deeply in love with this fabric.

Especially this turquoise colour.

So I ordered it on line without a plan of what to make
And, then found I had too little. 
SO since I had ordered two colours I made the bodice 
out of the grey.

I made one of my favourite patterns 

which is reversible

So double swoon.

My favourite part is the flutter sleeves,
but because I was sewing in a rush,
late at night, bleary brained. 

I forgot to sew them between the two layers
and decided not to unpick.
So sigh, no flutter sleeves.

It was originally imagined for this middle girl,
but the big girl loved it too.

And, of course the littlest one had to get in on the spinning
when the camera came out!

The only challenge with this dress is it's a little tricky
to put on and take off because of the cute fit.

Even though my kids insist I'm murdering them each time
I try and get it off their heads-
the clouds, the twirl, the cuteness...
totally worth it!!

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