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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So Many Shorts for the Short People!!!!

More cousins came through,
and the cuteness was pretty high.

Cousin Dance Party!!!!

And this has indubitably been the summer
of the shorts.

The more I make,
the more we need.

I want to marry the knit fabric
that is available these days.

It's so easy to sew with.
So forgiving and flexible.

So freakin' practical for little climbing,
jumping, wiggling monkeys.

Even pink ones!
What's a mom of 3 girls to do?
Periodically I surrender to the pink.

Always under psychic duress.

This has been such a fun summer.
I really don't want it to end.

Last summer I was counting the seconds
until school started.

This summer everything tastes sweeter,

and covers itself with sprinkles.

I'm still grouchy, and tired, and smelly,
rest assured.
But less.
 So much less,
 that I can make
of shorts.

You know what summer is?

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